Touched by Grace is an amazing ministry. I love how Rose & Todd focus on changing the world one person at a time. Meeting both of them has been a true blessing. Rose has been counseling me by helping with my career & my relationships, but most importantly helping me from a bibical point of view. I have learned so much by their leadership, direction, determination, passion & love for God. This ministry is living out the greatest commandment…Love the Lord & love others!

I’ve had the privilege of getting to know Rose and her heart for the Lord. She has such a sweet spirit and is not afraid of following where the Spirit of God leads. She and Todd make a great team! Their solid example of godly character is encouraging and up-lifting to others around them. They are ready to get their hands dirty and help people in difficult situations. My first experience with their ministry was attending a women’s retreat. It was both relaxing and an exercise in faith building. I had the opportunity to experience Jesus in some wonderful ways because Rose was willing to let God have His way in that time. She didn’t feel a need to promote herself, but humbly let the Lord use her. Thank you, Rose for your servant heart! Blessings 🙂

I have been involved by participating in and witnessing the work of Touched By Grace Ministries for 2 years now. Rose has personally mentored me in my personal walk with the Lord. Todd and Rose have also helped us work through some very hard times in our marriage. We love them with all our hearts and truly can’t say enough good about them. We continue to watch this ministry grow throughout the world. When they are called to go to those in need, the answer is always “Yes, Lord”!

Rose was a tremendous inspiration during the women’s retreat I attended in Los Angeles. She somehow is inspired to individually touch each woman. Lots of this inspiration came prior to meeting us. I was blown away at how personal the package she put together for each individual was. Touched by Grace does exactly what it title implies. It reaches out and touches each person with grace. Giving them grace from Rose and God and teaching them how to have grace for themselves and others. The results of this retreat continue to touch me each day. Thank you Rose!

Rose is one adventurous woman of God, organizing the retreat with her was a blessing and so was the retreat for the attending women.

I have attended women’s retreats for the last three years with Rose. I cannot say enough about how my time at these retreats has improved my discernment about what God has planned for my future. I am now able to plan for my time in missions and am preparing to serve my Father wherever He leads me next. This organization has served our family in many areas and we are greatly appreciative to them. We would trust them with all that we have. I pray God’s blessings on Touched By Grace.

Rose felt “lead by the Spirit” to ask me attend the women’s retreat and she was right on! Boy, I needed it. During the one day retreat, the Lord blessed me with an intense “download” of His love. Rose created an incredible atmosphere in which to receive from the Lord. There were Bible verses everywhere, lots of time to talk to God, worship songs hand-picked by the Spirit of God, and lots of great fellowship. I will never forget that time as a turning point in my relationship with the Lord!

I was blessed to be a part of the Women’s retreat that my friend hosted close to my hometown. There were a few of my close friends that gathered together for 2 days and were led by Rose’s talents and prayerful willingness to follow the quiet leadings of our hearts. It was a spiritual retreat for Women who often don’t get to slow down! There was a great balance of guided time and alone time to focus on what we needed for ourselves. I would do it again in a heartbeat, and recommend it to anyone willing to be blessed and a bit vulnerable by going! Appreciate the on-going contact with Rose as needed/wanted. A beautiful ministry/non-profit!

As someone who has felt like an outsider to the church for some time, I found welcoming arms with the people of Touched By Grace. Their guidance through some difficult life choices continue to positively impact my marriage, my career, my finances, and my personal health. TBG continues to support me and my family in a nonjudgmental, honest partnership that I believe will continue for years to come.

I participated in a 24 hour women’s retreat. Rose lead us in thoughtful conversations, and quiet reflections. The opportunity to rest in the Lord was the theme and I really enjoyed my time resting. 

The food was wonderful. It was a real treat to have someone cook for me as I am usually the one to do it. I know you are serving God well and you will be rewarded for it. I really appreciate what you are doing and know that great things will happen as we continue to serve Him. 

Thank you so much for all the hard work that you did to make this such a great retreat! I have never been on one before, but I have to say that this was an experience I will never forget! I feel closer to God, and got to know alot of nice ladies. I am going to continue with the journal now, thanks to this trip and I plan on trying to make some changes to improve myself Spiritually. 

Thank you so much for obeying the Spirit and going through with the retreat. You gave of yourself all weekend and filled us up.